Event policy

Please take a few minutes to read the welcoming announcement from the Safer Space team.

The wellbeing of our guests and partners is the lynchpin of our values. By centering wholesomeness, communication and respect, we wish to create a space in which each and everyone will feel safe and welcomed with their OUI.

While we cannot account for every interaction between dancers, we promise to be careful and reactive to your comments.

The following policy is largely inspired by the guidelines of O-Town Showdown, as written by Anne Dagenais. We hope to create a space as good and caring as theirs.



It takes a OUI


Ask as many people as you’d like to dance! If they refuse, be gracious; it is their right to say no, and yours too!


Dancing can be a sensual activity, and flirtation can occur, on and off the dance floor. However, do not use our event as a pickup joint and be attentive to the reaction to your flirtation. It’s your responsibility to not make others feel uncomfortable. Ask for and respect consent, always.


Take care of each other


We are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable event experience for everyone regardless of their gender, age, sexual orientation, dis/ability, body size, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), nationality, dance skill level or dance role. We expect you to help.


We are specifically dedicated to fostering a community free from oppression, harassment, abuse, and violence. See theProtocol of intervention for concrete examples and definitions of problematic behaviour that go against our values.


Be attentive to your dance partner and their comfort, boundaries and safety. If you are not sure, ask them if they are ok. Apologise if you accidentally touch an area of the body that is private, sexual, or just totally out of the realm of legitimate holds or moves of the dance.


If someone tells you that you have hurt them, made them feel uncomfortable or that they are worried something you are doing might hurt them or others, don’t take it badly. They are telling you something about their comfort level, which is different for everyone; they are not criticizing you as a person. They are telling you because they want you to fix it so they can keep dancing with you. So listen to them, apologize, thank them for letting you know and don’t do it again.


Be inclusive


Some people follow, some people lead and some people do both; keep that in mind and respect their choice.


Be aware that some people use gender neutral pronouns. If someone asks you to refer to them with specific pronouns, respect that and use those.


Be mindful of the language you use - at our events and on our online media - and how it might affect others. Everyone has different experiences that shape their relationship and reactions to language.


Be safe

Scented products can cause serious allergic reactions and respiratory distress. Please do not wear or use any scented products at our event.


Be attentive to people around you. Be mindful of how much space you have, if someone is behind you as you kick or rock-step, and where you are sending your dance partner. Apologise if you bump another person or step on someone’s foot on the dance floor. This is called floorcraft.


Never do aerials/acrobatics on the social dance floor. You can do them in jam circles if there is enough space, if you have the consent of your dance partner and if you have mastered them with a lot of practice with spotters beforehand.


Know yourself and your limits. You may not bring alcohol or drugs to our event. If you consume before coming to our dances, make sure you are not too intoxicated to dance in a way that is comfortable and safe for others. Providing alcohol to a minor is illegal (and often a form of harassment).


Reflect on yourself


Reflect on your behaviour, how it might affect others, and how you could improve in order to make the scene (and beyond) a safer place. Be open and receptive when someone tells you that they feel uncomfortable despite your best efforts. Everyone has a different level of comfort: listen to your dance partners and your fellow community members and respect their boundaries, identities and choices. Be the best person you can be.


In order to meet our safety and inclusion goals, we will rely on specially trained volunteers, whose role will be to answer our guests' questions and intervene in problematic situations with the necessary tools and authority. The team makeup and intervention protocol will be announced soon.