The semiquaver partnership program ♬

A positive experience goes beyond competition results. We believe that we are stronger together, and that support and teamwork are simply essential, if we mean to go beyond mere steps on the dance floor.


That's why we are piloting an inter-level pairing program to create newcomer/advanced teams of two. We mean to combine the experience of our scene leaders with the energy of our new competitors. The present is where we bring the past and the future together.

So how does it work? Here's the jist of it: an advanced dancer and a beginner choose each other and commit themselves to support, cheer and fan out for one another. On one hand, the beginner will be able to count on the experience of their partner for their first competition. On the other hand, advanced dancers are invited to make a lasting contribution to the scene's renewal, and have their efforts and investment in the Lindy Hop world recognized and saluted.


Are you ready to pair up and attend the event with your greatest fan? Sign up with the form below! We'll send you an email with the program details.

semiquaver ♬
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