Any more question after reading the FAQ, please contact us

Dance Styles

The encouraged dance styles, and what is meant by Any Swing Goes, are jazz-era (20s-40s) dances such as Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, the various forms of Shag.

Refunds and Transfers

All tickets and competition entries are non-reimbursable. They are however transferable 2 weeks prior the event. Please contact the event organizers with any change regarding the ticket holders name.


It will be possible to pay on site at 5-6-7 OUI using your credit card through the “Stripe” app (passes, competitions, drinks at the bar).

Food Situation

We are lucky enough to partner up with delicious asian comfort food supplier La Belle Tonkinoise, which will be on location to cook with us and provide us with awesome meals on Saturday and Sunday! This part of Montreal is otherwise not a thriving foodie destination, although it does boast a McDonald’s if that’s to your taste.


We will have access to a full bar all weekend and unique creations, courtesy of our head barman Jonathan Desroches!


We ask therefore that you refrain from bringing alcohol from outside which is, like, extremely illegal.


Water will be available at all time. To limit the use of plastic cups and other things that are bad for the environment, we encourage you to bring your own bottles or cups!


The Polish White Eagle Society has a customary coatroom policy of $2.

Day Passes and Evening Passes

We do strive and work hard to provide a complete, amazing experience to all participants and thus encourage all participants to get the most out of it by getting a full weekend pass!


Day and evening passes will however be made available 2 weeks prior to the event on this very website.

All day passes provide competition access for the selected day but does not grant access to exclusive classes. 

Routine Music

All routine music, clearly labelled with your name, song name/artist and the division in which you compete, must be sent to 567oui.music@gmail.com as soon as possible. This will give time to our awesome DJ to verify that the music works in advance, and that’s less stress for everyone!


It may very well not be possible to accommodate same-day music delivery, so let’s make sure to send it well in advance. Since we’re not in 2002, alternate modes of playing music of the “I brought my iPod” variety will not be accommodated.


There are two types of activities at 5-6-7 OUI : the exclusive classes of Friday night and Saturday and Sunday morning, and the open workshops. The aptly named open workshops are available to anyone having a competition pass, a dance pass or a day pass, whereas the exclusive classes require the full weekend pass.


The exclusive classes will be all level, with the understanding that an intermediate dancer or over will probably get the full potential of the experience.


The open workshops are discussions, reflections and/or of an educational nature, as such, it is addressed to all levels! We have a fishbowl type discussion on Friday, an Expression of Celebration on Saturday and a brunch Q&A on Sunday.

You can see the details of the activities right here.

Community Room

The Community Room is situated upstairs at the PWES. It can be used to rehearse, relax, eat your lunch, or various other public-friendly activities.


Let’s all please treat the space with the respect it deserves!

Safety Policy

You can review our safety policy in great detail here.


The Polish White Eagle Society is a short walk from the Frontenac metro station on the green line. The last metro however is around 1am, so for the night owls among us, there are various night buses servicing the area. Check out stm.info for schedules.


As a party city, late night cabs in Montreal are also reliable.


For our esteemed guests coming and leaving from the airport, there are numerous ways to travel in between Montreal and the Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau airport, the most efficient and cost-effective one being a $10 bus ride (the 747 line) servicing metro stations Lionel-Groulx or Berri UQAM. A cab ride will cost about $40-$60 or more depending on your destination.