Fishbowl with
Peter and Latasha

Open to everyone

On Friday, starting at 8:15 pm, you are welcomed into the great ballroom to take part in a discussion with Peter and LaTasha in a "Fishbowl" format. The aim of this framework is to facilitate the participation and ownership of the presentation for the present guests.


Celebration and expression

Open to everyone

On Saturday at 11:45 am - Jams, Soul Trains, Cypers - what's behind them, what feelings do they food on and generate, the philosophy of celebration and expression.


The dance Apero

Drink, eat, dance
Open to everyone

A small break in the afternoon. The first drink is on the house, and you'll  have the opportunity to settle in: either by dancing, resting, or grabbing a bite. The team from La Belle Tonkinoise will be onsite with healthy and delicious meals!


Musical brunch
Peter & Latasha

Q&A and snacks
Open to everyone

On Sunday at noon, come get together in the great ballroom for coffee, bagels, and a Q&A forum with Peter and LaTasha!


Mentorship program

Inclusion and sharing