Swing dance event in Montreal


Why attend 5-6-7 OUI?

Why should you come to 5-6-7 OUI? We are sparing no effort to make sure our first edition is a must-go for the Montreal scene. Join us for a full weekend of celebration, learning, inclusion, and growing.


  • Friendly competitions with plenty of time to find your groove and your reasons for pushing your dancing

  • Two brand new comp formats: the strictly jazz, where couples are invited to danse either together or solo, and Down for the 8 Count, a battle brought to you by the Montreal Swing Riot.

  • Finals to a live band with music arranged specifically to give our finalists a perfect spotlight

  • Over 15 hours of social dancing to share and express our love of dance with the swing community

  • 100% swing music to inspire mean swing-outs and fresh Lindy Hop


About us

A few inches from the spotlight, we can feel this surge of adrenaline flowing through our bodies. The dance floor is beating like a heart, the audience is shouting, the band is on fire...  One last look at our partner, that's it, that's our moment! 5, 6, 5-6-7...

At 5-6-7 OUI, we are committed to creating a respectful and nourishing ambiance in a competition setting, reaching over the often imaginary barriers between competitors, judges, musicians, audience members, social dancers... and all the wonderful humans making up our scene!

Registration opens on June 20th.

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